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Mobile App Solutions

Waterfront Digital develop native and hybrid mobile apps for Android and iOS. Whether it’s a consumer facing app or enterprise employee level deployment we can help.

Mobile App Development

Create a competitive advantage with a mobile app

Mobile App Development

Whether you need a customer facing, enterprise or mobile app developed specifically for your workforce we can help.

We have worked successfully with global brands in the past to create mobile apps for hotel chains, restaurants, spas and hospitality, digital display screens, smart tv apps, auction sites and more.

Our mobile apps can easily tie in with your existing website, intranets, in-house digital signage or 3rd party platforms such as CRM’s, payment gateways, point of sale systems and much more. 

Increase Sales & Expand Revenue Streams

Mobile Apps can increase the volume and order value of sales from your customers. Apps can also generate new opportunities and revenue streams for your business.

Waterfront Digital can help you identify opportunities to grow your business with mobile app development and promotional strategies to support the apps we design and develop for you.

By using data analytics to measure and report your mobile apps performance, we can demonstrate the Return On Investment (ROI) it’s generating for you.

Streamlining For Success

Mobile App Development can enable your company to be more agile, efficient and effective. An effective mobile app can redefine the way your business operates.

Whether you want to give your employees digital tools in the palm of their hands to make their jobs easier or enable your customers to interact with you in a more personal and convenient manner, a mobile app can help.

By digitising your business processes we can save you time, money and lost opportunities. By developing highly engaging mobile experiences we can help ensure you create loyal customers who make repeat purchases and keep you front of mind and right at their fingertips.


Mobile App Development

As well as producing websites, ecommerce and other online solutions, Waterfront Digital also develop mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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Calming Anxiety
Calming Anxiety Mobile Development Screens
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We often form long term partnerships with businesses and can also help with short term assessments, strategy planning or single projects if you prefer.