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Hospitality Mobile Apps

Provide your customers with tailored support throughout their stay via your branded mobile app.
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Create a competitive advantage with a mobile app

Hospitality Mobile Apps

Provide your customers with tailored support throughout their stay via your branded mobile app. The ability to easily offer information in multiple languages, serve targeted content about the hotel’s facilities and services along with digital concierge and event advertisement are just part of what you can offer.

The data collected helps our hotel customers tailor their services by understanding customers preferences. Digital check in / checkout and services upselling will help to save your staff time and increase revenues. Your guests can also view nearby points of interest on interactive Google maps, enhancing the experience of their stay.

How we can help

A mobile app provides hotel owners with valuable data and insights. We can help you source valuable insights into how often customers visit, how much they spend, how they interact with the hotel services, and so on. 

These allow hoteliers to enhance guest experiences and adjust their strategy for better performance. The app may also facilitate customer feedback, in-app surveys, and reviews on TripAdvisor or other review sites. In the event of a bad review, it alerts the business so as to solve the problem quickly and protect its online reputation.

Where to use

App-facilitated loyalty programs will foster a community of happy regulars and drive repeat business.

  • Hotel account creation, sign in/up
  • Hotel check in/out support, facilities booking, hotel sales
  • Users can view hotel events in a custom calendar and save them
  • They can view nearby points of interest on interactive Google maps
  • Multiple languages support
  • Mobile notifications with Google Firebase and custom backend API
  • REST API for backend requests
  • Dark/light mode support, dynamic colors, branding and app layout selection

Restaurant Ordering

Expand your hotel’s bar and restaurant facilities to facilitate delivering, table booking or pre-ordering their meal. Increase your sales by offering the customers more options about where and when they could dine. Certain upselling techniques like special offers for pre-booking and pre-paying for a set menu can be used as well to secure tables and orders.

  • They can create an account and input multiple addresses with map support
  • Geospatial polygon created from geographic coordinates is used to determine if a user’s location is eligible for delivery from the restaurant
  • Users can create product categories and their respective products, they can view a product’s description, add / remove ingredients, write specific note, add/remove products to cart
  • App calculates cart price, offers takeaway/delivery options, payment options and Paypal integration
  • Basic live order status with push notifications (e.g. Order received ->
  • Order being prepared -> Order delivered).

App was also adapted and made responsive for PCs and smart TVs (navigation with remote controller)

Facilities Booking

Offer your customers the ease of booking the facilities they will need throughout the stay to avoid last minute disappointment whilst allowing you to cater for busy periods beforehand. You can also expand your facilities to operate as external standalone services, enabling your facilities to operate independently or increasing revenues via upselling or expanding their reach to non-residents.

  • Users can browse facility categories and book facilities and services such as restaurants, spa, pools, treatments, etc
  • Make a reservation e.g. book a table, rent a scooter, reserve a pool seat
  • Custom calendar which shows empty slots and allows for time slot selection

Number of persons selection (added limit options and pre booking useful for covid era) and payment options with Paypal support

Hotel Smart TVs

Similar to the mobile app but using the room’s multimedia facilities, for example a smart TV. Welcome guests with a personalised message from the hotel alongside some info makes your guests stay warmer and their staying experience more personal. The hotel benefits from showing what it has to offer, advertising certain events, products, places and informing guests about the facilities. 

  • Ability to browse a hotel’s services and information
  • Options to book facilities
  • Targeted room notifications/alerts
  • Various multimedia support on TVs

Use of proprietary Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS Smart TV APIs

Digital Signage Display

Offer your customers information about your hotel policies, events and advertise your brand or current messaging throughout your venues.

Conference in the main meeting room? Why not let the participants at the bar know where it starts by displaying the information in their booth monitor.

Digital signage at entrances also helps your customers browse options throughout the hotel while they are waiting at the reception.

We have successfully integrated touch screen digital signage for information and ordering as well as interactive virtual assistants.

  • App displayed a dynamic tiles layout composed of various resizable components such as videos, image sliders, calendar, weather, tweets, scrolling text etc
  • Ability to download and cache content for offline support

Data Analytics

We also work with our clients to perform data analytics and help them:

  • Maximise revenue by defining which activities are working & upsell opportunities
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Enable better planning, goal setting & decision making with automated reporting
  • Create a high performance and data-driven organisation
  • Gain a better understanding of your market and customers
  • Mitigate GDPR, privacy, legal and financial risks
  • Qualify for R&D tax credits to offset against project costs

We do this by gaining a full understanding of your businesses ambitions, resources, advertising and data capture mechanisms and connecting them all to provide at-a-glance and drill down in depth reporting.

These provide invaluable insights which can inform your spending decisions.

We can work with your existing teams and resources and your preferred marketing technology stack or we can help propose the optimal solution for you and help implement it if required.

Dunatis App

Ensure the accuracy of your audit data. With our NFC-based solution, we will record the exact time a product was inspected and the inspected item; if certain products need more attention, we can make sure they are inspected and not missed.

You can create your own inspection checklist and determine what kind of data you will collect and analyze for your future reports.


Mobile App Development

As well as producing websites, ecommerce and other online solutions, Waterfront Digital also develop mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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